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Leicester Underwater Exploration Club (LUEC for short) has been teaching people just like you how to SCUBA dive for over 55 years!  In this time we have arranged dive trips throughout the world, but have kept diving accessible and within the budget of everyone.

We’ve discovered and adopted an uncharted shipwreck.....

We’ve won several prestigious National Awards.......

We have our own dive platform, “Vixen”  a fast 6.8 metre RIB perfectly suited to our UK diving needs......

We’ve played dominoes underwater......

Yes, really - 60 divers successfully participated in the Guinness Book of Records attempt for the most number of SCUBA divers to have played dominoes underwater, to celebrate the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) reaching it’s 60th YEAR of diver training!

Why not contact us to arrange a try-dive?

Already a diver?  Come and join our club! 

Ring Michelle on 0755 323 4964

email secretary@luec.org


Take a look at the upcoming Dive Trips and the Gallery to see if any of it attracts you to the great sport of SCUBA Diving!

Join up and you’ll get full training with our Nationally Qualified Instructors, the opportunity to go on some fantastic trips, a regular club diving programme and much more besides.  So why not contact us and come down to a club meeting for a chat? 

You never know.....SCUBA diving could be for you!

Qualified divers from other scuba diving training agencies

who are short of a buddy will be very welcome in our club too.

Malta 2014.
We’ll be back in September!

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Safe diving, everybody.